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* B-Ware * Old white wooden box 50x40x30cm

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This old apple crate, after it was no longer used for the harvest, became white colored. Of course you can see that the box is not a new box, but that does make up the charm of the old apple crates.
Especially in the interior, the color does not cover 100% of all boxes, which underlines the difference to the conventional piece of furniture and makes the difference.
If you do not like the dark old fruit boxes and light is not right for you, this white fruit box is just the right alternative.
This box is very stable and you can certainly use it as a seat, small stool or build a beautiful wine rack in white from the old fruit crates.
Dimensions: 50x40x30cm

Our B-goods are boxes and tables with defects. For example: small broken pieces of wood, crooked side boards, more unstable boxes, heavily soiled boxes / tables, etc. However, this does not affect the charm of the old wooden boxes. The boxes are nevertheless suitable for decorating around your house. If you still want to build furniture such as shelves, coffee tables, etc., we recommend the A-Ware. Please feel free to contact us by email for an individual consultation.

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