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Old pear box with two side boards 49x30x28cm

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In this small box fit only 30 pounds of apples. Therefore, from about 1980 hundreds of thousands of these boxes were burned, as the 20 kg boxes made less work and were not so heavy. If the boxes were used longer, then usually for pears, because they are heavier and then fit in these boxes almost 20 kg.

The inscription or the logo on the side board may differ from the picture due to the purchase of different producers. But there is a producer name burned on each box. The appearance of the box may differ slightly from the picture because the producers got them from different manufacturers. However, the dimensions are always exactly the same and the boxes are very nice and stable. You will receive a box with two side boards. The number of boards on the ground, however, may vary between 2-3 pieces.

Dimensions: 49x30x28cm
Age: 50 - 80 years

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