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If it gets too tight in your kitchen sometimes, or you need more space in the living and dining room we recommend you this flamed wall bar.

In the kitchen, you can place them in a space-saving and decorative way on the wall, where you can store your spices, potatoes and onions or your implements in the compartments, and open the bar with a working surface for use.

In the living room, you can sit as an unobtrusive desk corner as well as bar. Before the celebration, you can place the drinks in the center, arrange small glasses, lemon slices and other items in the compartments, and then the drinks fresh on the work surface And then serve from there. Your friends will be amazed!

This wall bar has been treated with our specially developed flame technology so that every product is unique because of the individual wood grain. Please note that the product may be slightly colored at the corners due to burnt wood fibers.

We offer this wallbar in other sizes and colors in our shop.

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